A permanent monitoring of the rail track geometry is of central importance during construction work in the area close to the tracks. Trimble monitoring solutions, such as Trimble 4D Control, Settop M1 Controller, Trimble S Series total stations, and Trimble geotechnical sensors, ensure real-time detection of track geometry, infrastructure movements, and movements in the surrounding area. 

Trimble® 4D Control™ (T4D) version 6.4 monitoring software introduces the first add-on module - T4D Rail - to the platform. The module offers a versatile rail monitoring solution that meets the industry's demanding requirements for accuracy and efficiency. 

The T4D Rail module enables surveyors and monitoring professionals to: 

  • Seamlessly integrate accurate rail as-builts collected with the Trimble GEDO measurement system or the track measuring bar paired with the Trimble Access™ Track Gauge Survey app.

  • Automate calculations for track geometry parameters, generate analysis charts and trigger alarms for both automated and semi-automated approaches.

  • Expand business opportunities by reducing crew field time and simplifying calculations, which minimizes the learning curve that goes along with sophisticated rail monitoring processes.

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