Trimble Access Rail module Stakeout

Track stakeout places high demands on flexibility in the field. For productive work, real-time information on all relevant parameters of the track alignment to be built is required. For this purpose, the software must support the calculation of all alignment elements with the associated special features such as chainage lines and track shears.

The Trimble Access Rail module Stakeout application is a powerful software for these tasks. Accessories optimized for track surveying are also available for use in the field.

The Trimble Access Rail module Stakeout application is used for all surveying tasks within the scope of track stakeout where a direct reference to the design alignment is required.

The application is fully integrated in Trimble Access and uses both, stationing methods in Trimble Access, and all instrument control functions. It can work with both Trimble total stations and Trimble GNSS receivers.

All calculations are performed on the basis of a design alignment defined by the horizontal, vertical and cant (superelevation) alignment information, and (if available) a chainage line. All common transition curves and also track shears are supported. 

Based on the measurements, the current chainage and lateral and vertical distances to the track alignment are displayed directly in the field. If a main point is selected or a stakeout value is specified, the differences between the target value and the current position are displayed. The calculation can be carried out either horizontally or in the canted (superelevated) system. The interactive map view shows the track alignment with its main points and all measured points.

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