Software for geodetic, alignment-based track surveying utilizing the Trimble GEDO CE 2.0 track measurement trolley or an electronic track measurement bar, Trimble GEDO Track Bar, and a Trimble S-Series total station or Trimble GNSS receiver.

  • Control of geodetic track survey
  • Live display of the differences between actual and design according to track alignment
  • Calculation either horizontally or in a canted (superelevated) system
  • Display and stake out of track main points
  • Full support of track alignment (horizontal alignment, chainage line, vertical alignment and cant alignment (superelevation))
  • Handling of track shears
  • Handling of gauge extensions (in tight radii and high-speed switches) 
  • Handling of precamber definitions on bridge structures (compensation of deflection)
  • Capturing of absolute track position with track gauge, cant (superelevation) and twist
  • Measurement of topo points
  • Checking of station overlap in the field
  • Coding of individual points utilizing a code list