Trimble Access Track Gauge Survey

Trimble Access Track Gauge Survey is a software module integrated in Trimble Access for measuring track parameters. After the total station setup over known points, the coordinates of the track axis, the left and right rail as well as the track gauge and cant (superelevation) can be determined using a mechanical track measurement bar. The total station measurement to the prisms of the movable or fixed track measurement bar can take place in the same sequence, with the fixed side first, with the movable side first, or in alternating measurement sequences. The measurement is carried out directly by the user after the second prism has been automatically aimed at. Manual aiming at the prisms is therefore no longer necessary. If necessary, measurements can be carried out in both instrument faces. Export formats for the directly measured track geometry are available. Further, data can be analyzed in Trimble GEDO Office. For automatic track monitoring purposes, there is a direct interface to the Trimble 4D Control software rail module.



  • Trimble Access module with support for motorized Trimble total stations
  • Optimized track recording with mechanical track measurement bar
  • Time saving thanks to predefined measuring sequence with automatic aiming at  the respective prism
  • Precise, lightweight track measurement bar with one fixed and one movable prism holder for track gauge measurement
  • Calculation of track centre point coordinates, track gauge and cant (superelevation) after measuring both prisms
  • Export coordinates of left rail, right rail and track centre line together with cant (superelevation) and gauge
  • Process, analyze and compare the measurements and generate reports and outputs in Trimble GEDO Office
  • Direct interface to the Trimble 4D Control software rail module for track monitoring
  • For all Trimble Access control units
  • Software for simple track recording
  • Basics for planning
  • Control measurement
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Track monitoring measurements