The complete System

The Trimble GEDO Scan system utilizes a Trimble TX5, TX6, TX8 or Faro Focus 3D laser scanner to collect high-resolution datasets of 3-dimensional points. The scanner is mounted on a GEDO trolley, which collects location, gauge and cant information as it is moved along the track. The combined data produce detailed 3D models of tunnels, overpasses, stations and other facilities where precise information is needed for railcar clearance and asset management.

Key Features

  • Simple, self-contained trolley used for Trimble GEDO Scan and other track measuring applications.
  • Helical scanning mode captures ceilings and walls to produce accurate 3D data for modeling tunnels and overpasses.
  • GEDO Scan Field software runs on the Trimble Tablet rugged PC controller. The software controls scanning operations and data collection from the scanner and trolley.



  • Document existing conditions with high resolution.
  • Analyze potential clearance encroachments against existing and design profiles.
  • Create clearance databases to optimize design processes