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The Trimble Access Track Gauge Survey application in combination with a mechanical track measurement bar, Trimble control unit and Trimble total station is used for geodetic track surveying tasks.

With a Trimble S-series total station and the mechanical track measurement bar, track profiles are measured with millimeter precision at the desired positions. This solution is particularly suitable for smaller projects with only a few track sections to be measured.



Trimble Access Track Gauge Survey

  • Software module integrated in Trimble Access for optimized acquisition of track parameters
  • Determination of coordinates of the track axis, the left and right rail as well as the track gauge and cant (superelevation) with a mechanical track bar or a rail shoe
  • Measurement on the prisms of the movable or fixed track measuring bar in a constant or alternating measurement sequence
  • Export format for the directly measured track geometry
  • Interface to the Rail module of the Trimble 4D Control software for automatic track monitoring purposes
  • For all Windows Trimble Access control units and Android Trimble Access control unit Trimble TSC5

GEDO Office

  • Analysis and further processing of Trimble Access Track Gauge Survey measurements
  • Station setups and measurement data can be re-calculated in case control point coordinates have changed
  • Track sections taken from different station setups are merged into one resulting track
  • Variance comparison between measured track and design alignment
  • Quality reports for track position
  • Comparison of measurements from different epochs for track monitoring purposes
  • Measurement of the three-dimensional track position, track gauge and cant (superelevation), as well as calculation of twist in one step
  • Measurement of track sections possible without full track closure and impact on train traffic
  • Total station based data acquisition for reliable and accurate positioning
  • Optimized field work through consolidation of results in the office 
  • Travel chord evaluation for the analysis of the relative track position
  • Use of a mechanical track measuring bar or a rail shoe
  • Geodetic track survey as basis for planning of a reconstruction measure 
  • As-built documentation for GIS systems
  • Surveillance measurements (monitoring)  
  • Inspection after a conversion or construction measure
  • Track as-built documentation after a construction measure

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