Trimble GEDO Track Bar

Electronic track measurement bar
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Solution for slab track and as-built measurements

The electronic Trimble GEDO Track Bar is suitable for setting up slab track and for track recording.


Trimble GEDO Track Bar

The electronic Trimble GEDO Track Bar is the ideal solution for measuring slab track when a Trimble GEDO track measuring trolley is not suitable or only a few points on the track need to be measured. Its light weight makes it easy and ergonomic to use.

Technical data

• Electronic track measurement bar with 1,435 mm track gauge
• Electronic track measurement bar with customized track gauge (760 mm to 1,676 mm)

• Gauge measurement
Measuring range: -20 mm to +45 mm
Accuracy: ± 0.3 mm

• Superelevation (cant) measurement
Measuring range: ± 8°
Accuracy: ± 0.5 mm

Power supply
• Standard Trimble S-Series Lithium-Ion battery
• Operating time > 20 h

• As-built of existing railway lines
Slab track stake-out measurements