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The Trimble GEDO Rec system is used for geodetic track surveying. It consists of the Trimble GEDO CE 2.0 track measurement trolley or the electronic Trimble GEDO Track Bar with a Trimble control unit in combination with a Trimble total station or Trimble GNSS receiver. The electronic Trimble GEDO Track Bar can be used for smaller projects and a small number of track positions to be measured.

When used with a Trimble S-Series total station, the Trimble GEDO track measurement trolley can measure up to 600 m of track (or 1,200 m with two total stations) per hour with millimeter accuracy. When used with a Trimble GNSS receiver, 3,000 m per hour can be measured with centimeter accuracy.


Trimble Access Rail module GEDO Rec Bar and Trimble Access module GEDO Rec Trolley

  • Control of geodetic track survey with electronic Trimble GEDO Track Bar resp. Trimble GEDO CE 2.0 track measurement trolley
  • Capturing of absolute track position with track gauge, cant (superelevation) and twist
  • For all Windows Trimble Access control units and Android Trimble Access control unit Trimble TSC5

GEDO Office 

  • Analysis and further processing of Trimble Access Rail Modul GEDO Rec Bar and GEDO Rec Trolley measurements
  • Station setups and measurement data can be re-calculated in case control point coordinates have changed
  • Track sections taken from different station setups are merged into one resulting track
  • Variance comparison between measured track and design alignment
  • Quality reports for track position
  • Comparison of measurements from different epochs for track monitoring purposes

Trimble GEDO Profiler

Optional laser measuring unit for checking track position at control points, as well as for measuring distances to objects close to the track (i.e. structures and platforms). Distances are displayed in relation to the track axis or inner edge of the rail, both perpendicularly and vertically to the cant (superelevation). In addition, points measured with the GEDO Profiler are stored in the geodetic coordinate system.

Trimble GEDO Scan 

By combining Trimble GEDO Scan and Trimble GEDO Rec, a measurement system is created to document the near-track environment. The result is an absolute referenced three-dimensional point cloud. This can be used to obtain information about existing installations and to check the clearance. The data can also form the basis for as-built documentation before and after construction as part of a BIM project

GEDO Rec-Scan System

For users who want to use the Trimble GEDO Profiler or the system in combination with Trimble GEDO Scan, the Windows application Trimble GEDO Rec is available.

  • Measurement of the three-dimensional track position, track gauge and cant (superelevation), as well as calculation of twist in one step
  • Measurement of long track sections possible without full track closure and impact on train traffic
  • Total station or GNSS based data acquisition for reliable and accurate positioning
  • Optimized field work through consolidation of results in the office 
  • Travel chord evaluation for the analysis of the relative track position
  • Station setup on tripod or secondary trolley
  • Use of a universal track measurement trolley with modular expansion options or with the electronic Trimble GEDO Track Bar
  • Geodetic track survey as basis for planning of a reconstruction measure 
  • As-built documentation for GIS systems
  • Surveillance measurements (monitoring)  
  • Inspection after a conversion or construction measure
  • Track as-built documentation after a construction measure


Field Software

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